Terms and Conditions of Use


We currently do not restrict ordering from outside our delivery area, but if you do not reside within the boundaries set on this page we will call and see if you want to come pick your food up. 

Please be aware that we cannot change the amount paid if you utilized paypal, so we will refund your order and ask you to place it again as an In-Store Pickup. 

Generally refunds are instant, but refund times are not guaranteed as the speed at which you receive your money back is set by paypal, but we will initiate the request immediately upon request.

Delivery Times

Delivery times will vary based on how many orders are currently at the store, how many drivers are on duty, weather conditions, and any number of other reasons.  We will try our best to get there within the quoted times (45min to 1 hour), but this is in no way a guarantee.  You will receive a confirmation email upon ordering, and another when your delivery has left the store.  Feel free to call and check if you feel the need, and someone will let you know the status of your order.

Order Accuracy

We will prepare your food precisely as you select it on this site, so if you mistakenly forget an item, or if you chose any item by accident, we are in no way responsible.  Rest assured we receive your order exactly as you place it, so any error is assumed to be yours.

Unsatisfied Orders & Exchange Policies (as seen posted in the store):

  • Must call within 2 hours of placing order, if you are unsatisfied with order
  • NO money refunds
  • We will only exchange for new order if you have 75% or more of food left in container.  If you bring it back and there is less than 75% we will not accept any exchanges.
  • Understand that if you ask for the manager or boss you will get the same answer to your questions and concerns pertaining to any unsatisfied orders or exchange policies.

Printed Errors on Menu or Website

We are not responsible for any printing errors.  If there is something you feel is on this website in error, please feel free to contact our webmaster with your questions or concerns by sending an email to webmaster@chinaexpressdelivery.com.  You will receive a response within 48 hours.